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Cameron Salon
   What does "organic" mean for your hair?
Only natural and certified organic ingredients.  Our products contain no ammonia, parabens, or plastics.  Plus, they are manufactured with no animal by-products and they are never tested on animals!  Innovative products offer ammonia-free and ammonia-substitute-free color that completely changes the way you need to think about coloring your hair.  Let's face it: In today's eco-conscious world, it's about time we realized that putting harsh chemicals on your hair is not the way to go!
  No ammonia means:
No damage to the inner structure of the hair.
No harmful fumes to breathe.
No chemicals that can be absorbed into the scalp, causing irritation.
Even those who could not previously color their hair due to allergies, asthma, cancer, or pregnancy can now safely color it.
  The benefits are striking:
Naturally nourishing formula actually enriches your hair.
No scalp discomfort or staining.
Covers grey beautifully.
Creates rich, vibrant tones for color.
Non-damaging upkeep for roots and even platinum blondes.