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Cameron Salon
Here are some of my reviews. To learn more about my work, please see my reviews on Google and Yelp:
"Barbara is Indispensable"
I've had Barbara as my hairdresser for years because she always knows how to make the most of my fine, flyaway hair, which is also full of cowlicks. I've changed my mind many times about the length and style , and Barbara always seems to know how to make my latest choice look good on me. She also gives me good advice about how to keep my hair looking good between visits. In the past when I used to color my hair, she used flattering color combinations and always used really high quality products. My hair stayed in great condition. Now that I have preferred to allow my increasingly grey hair go natural she hasn't tried to discourage me from this choice. Instead she has helped me to see how my natural hair color can be designed to flatter my face shape and coloring. She works with me, not on me. She is Indispensable.
Reviews for Cameron Salon
Google Reviews
"Organic Hair Color and Products"
Organic hair coloring products-Barb's specialty-are turning my color-treated hair from rough to silky. Instead of fading the color remains vibrant and beautiful from visit to visit. I love that she also sells organic hair products as I do everything that I can to promote my healthiest lifestyle. Barb is a stylist supreme who fits hairstyles to the person so I feel confident that I look my best. She is a wonderful person and I love to share a hour or two with her. I am so glad that I found her. 
     Katie Cartwright
I can always count on Barb to give me a fabulous hair cut!
     Sarah Eames
"Easiest-to-care-for style"
I am so pleased to write an endorsement for Barbara Cameron and the work she does. She has been my stylist since the day I moved to the Bay Area 20 years ago and I have never looked for anyone else to keep my hair looking great. Not only does Barbara understand hair, how each person's hair is unique requiring a different touch, but she is also a great colorist. Possibly her strongest suit, however, is the way she intuitively knows her clients enabling her to give them the most attractive and easiest-to-care-for style. She always makes me feel beautiful before I leave her shop after my monthly color and cut!
As a acquaintance and friend of so long standing, I am confident that she offers the same kind of empathy and service to those who come to her for wigs or supplements to their own hair. She has studies extensively and taken special classes to better understand the different kinds of styling required for hair pieces and appreciates the value of working only with quality products.
     Dorie Portner, Corte Madera California
"Great men cuts"
Barb always does an outstanding job on my hair. I can count on her consistency to do the same work each time so there are no surprises. She does a excellent job accommodating my needs as a male client.  
"Curly haircut"
I have had my hair cut and colored by Barbara Cameron of Cameron Salon for the past five years. She does a very professional job using wonderful, less damaging chemicals to color my hair and I am very happy with my curly hair cut. She is also a really fun person to spend your time with.  
     Cassie Jones, San Rafael