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Coppola Keratin Hair Smoothing Services
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   Keratin Smoothing with Shampoo and Conditioner

$55 & up
$40 & up
$80 & up
$3.50 per foil

   Coppola Keratin Hair Smoothing Services laminate keratin protein to the outer cuticle of the hair which results in smooth silky hair while correcting damage. This product line contains absolutely no formaldehyde. I have tested several different lines and I firmly believe the Coppola line produces the best results of any smoothing products in the marketplace. 

   Express Blowout Service with Shampoo and Conditioner is a one hour service that reduces frizz in the hair by 95% and curl by 40%. The service lasts six weeks and can be washed the same day.

   Keratin Smoothing Service with Shampoo and Conditioner takes three hours and reduces frizz by 95% and curl by 80% which produces totally smooth hair. The service lasts up to five months and requires three days before washing.

  Medical Hair Loss Solutions: Natural and Synthetic Wigs, Integrated Hair Pieces, Cold Caps, and X-fusion.
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